Beyonce Knowles reveals she was a virgin until she met her husband Jay-Z.

Monroe to be back on big screen?

The rights to Monroe's image were taken up by a branding expert.

When Stewart smacked Pattinson

Kristen Stewart had an awkward moment when she accidentally smacked Pattinson.

Gaga tops album chart

Gaga's "The Fame Monster" tops the list of biggest selling album of 2010.

Oprah is the richest

Oprah Winfrey tops Forbes magazine's list of Hollywood's rich of the year

2010 best year ever for Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle says 2010 is the year she came of age.

Jay-Z to get $1 mn for New Year show

Jay-Z is set to receive $1 million for performing at New Year's eve party.

Ciara wants to strip

Ciara would love to bare all for a magazine photoshoot.