Alexander McQueen's skull tribute

London British fashion designer Alexander McQueen's iconic skull-print scarf has been flying off the shelves since news of his death broke. Fans of the designer, who was found dead in his London home after committing suicide, are desperate to get hold of his designs especially the 200 pound silk piece, which has been worn by Kate Moss, Liv Tyler and Nicole Richie, reported "The response was immediate. At about 4 p.m., just after the news broke, all of our Alexander McQueen stock started flying off the shelves," said Kate Brindley, head of press at the London department store Liberty. "The scarf was such an iconic piece of his design." Another popular item was the black shoulder-pad T-shirt from his summer collection. Anne Pitcher, buying and merchandising director at Selfridges, added: "We fully expect customers to want to buy something by him - anything - to keep as a memento, but also as a genuine tribute to his craft and spirit."