Kasarvalli busy shooting new film

Bangalore Four times winner of the Swarna Kamal national award Girish Kasaravalli has started shooting for "Koormavathaara", based on a novel written by Kannada writer Kum Veerabhadrappa. Kasaravalli, described as a pioneer of new wave movement in the Kannada film industry, says the film will be contemporary and that it will depict the changes witnessed in the country in the last six decades. "The film will remind you of my earlier film 'Tabarana Kathe', made in 1986. I have added a little bit of discourse about the relevance of Gandhi with a story which has lot of realistic overtones," said Kasaravalli adding that the film will make the viewers introspect. "Tabarana Kathe", based on a Kannada short story by Poornachandra Tejaswi, had won the Swarna Kamal award besides getting the national award for the best actor for Charu Hassan. "Koormavathaara" is being produced by Basanth Kumar Patil, former president of the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce, who had produced "Naayi Neralu" and "Kanasemba Kudureyanneri". This is Patil and Kasarvalli's third film and they have already completed 15 days shoot here. Jayanthi, known as Abhinaya Sharade, plays the lead role along with theatre artist Shikaripura Krishnamurthy. H.G. Somashekhara Rao, Goa Dattu, Vikram Soori and Rashmi are also in the cast.