National award winner Pinjani to tell real stories

Kolkata After bagging three national awards for his debut film "Baboo Band Baaja", Marathi filmmaker Rajesh Pinjani plans to narrate stories close to human heart and says he doesn't want to categorise his work as art or commercial movies. "I want to travel more and more in India first. I definitely want to make movies which are close to human lives," Pinjani told reporters on the sidelines of his media meet at the ongoing 17th Kolkata Film Festival. "While doing movies, I don't want to categorise my films as art films, commercial cinema or world cinema. For me, in a film the story comes first whether the film is with a big star or a small star that doesn't matter," he added. Pinjani's maiden film "Baboo Band Baaja", about Baboo, the son of a band player living in dire poverty, won three national awards - Best Debut Film, Best Actress in a Leading Role (Mitalee Jagtap Varadkar) and Best Child Artiste (Vivek Chabukswar). Pinjani is here for the screening of his film at the festival and says he has not made any attempt to give any message through his movie. "I didn't want to give a message through the film. What I really wanted to say is that poverty is not bad but illiteracy is bad. Education gives you thinking power. Education is must to live to peace even in poverty," he said adding that he wanted to highlight the pangs of rural India where everybody strives to lead a better life. "I wanted to depict the picture of rural India. It itself is a big issue in rural India to lead a better life, to have two squares of meal daily," he said.